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What's AddyON ?
AddyON is a powerful Self-Service platform for Buying and Selling on line Ads.
Developed to satisfy the needs of buyers and sellers, it links Publishers and Advertisers worldwide.
With AddyON, Publishers and Advertisers can buy and sell autonomously and automatically, without the burden of searching for contacts that you currently need.
With AddyON you can manage your Ad spaces and Ads freely.
Offer-based buying & selling
AddyON developed an innovative tool, based on the offer, to buy and sell on line Ads. It provides sellers with total control and the highest profit and buyers with total control and transparency.
The Virtual Tour
It's a breakthrough developed by AddyON. This revolutionary tool changes completely the way for buying and selling on line Ads. Customers interested in buying an Ad space want to know its actual position within the website, and the Virtual Tour highlighting and describing all Ad spaces, now makes it possible. A simple click will be enough to make an offer.
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YOUR AD HERE !     | Name: Leaderboard | - | Size: 468 x 60 | - | Selling option: Impressions | - | Minimum Cost per Impression: € 0.0001 | - | Accepted formats: jpg, swf, gif |   Buy it now !
A Self-Selling system
With AddyON your Ad space becomes self-selling. When your script or your customers' Ads are displayed, anybody visiting your website becomes a potential customer. A little icon is displayed at the mouse's passage and just by clicking on it, the customers will be able to make his offer and buy.
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if you already have another script...
It's even better !
AddyON doesn't substitute your current script but it boosts your profits !
AddyON displays your current script whenever your Ad space remains unsold. Therefore you will be able to sell your Ad space at the price you decide, and if your Ad space remains unsold, you keep on earning with your current Script.
A Plug-in to sell your Ad spaces directly from your website
AddyON has developed a powerful Plug-in to sell your Ad spaces directly from your website. Just paste the small button icon provided by AddyON into your website, to link your customers to your customized page, where they can buy your Adspaces. From now on your visitors can become your customers !
If you haven't already got an Ad create one with AddyON Ad-maker
AddyON Ad-maker is a new and powerful tool to automatically and easily create an Ad in real time for every ad space. The Advertiser uploads an image, types a title and a text and that's all ! A .png image will automatically be created in real time. It is downloadable and can be used for any Ad space.
Creating an Ad has never been so easy !
Advertise your site on the network in a click
Thanks to this function you can advertise your site on the network, with just one click. AddyON generates for you a customizedpackage, publishing your Ad on all the websites of the network that fulfil your requirements. In a few seconds you can create your customized Ad campaign... You just have to try !!
AddyON Feedback
AddyON developed a system through which each advertiser can express his own appreciation on Ad campaigns, to enhance the level of appreciation of each Ad space. This way it will be possible to know how and Ad space is valued, through the appreciations of the advertisers.
Real-time technical support and consulting service on chat
AddyON provides a real-time service of technical service and commercial support for its users. Through this service you will have at your disposal an operator to help you through all the stages of the transaction. Furthermore, the operator will recommend you the best way to create an advertising campaign that can meet your business requirements.
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