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Welcome on AddyON. Using our services you agree on the following terms of use. On the contrary, please do not use our services.
The registration, sale of Ad spaces and offer making are absolutely free. You must pay a fee only after the sale is completed. The payment of the fee is made only after you receive the payment from the sale of an Ad space. Each time you receive a payment from a sale, the fee is automatically deducted by 20% on the amount received, inclusive of costs of Paypal trasactions. As a promotion for the launch of AddyON and until 12/31/2011 the fee will be reduced to 12%. The fee can be occasionally changed. AddyON has the possibility to change the fee temporarily in occasion of promotions or introduction of new services. The changes will be valid when displayed.
AddyON doesn't sell nor gives personal information to third parties for marketing reasons without clear consent on your part. Your personal data will be dealt with exclusively in compliance with our privacy regulations. AddyON cosiders its user's privacy a sensitive matter. The access to your account gives you the possibility to change your data and choose not to receive specific information. AddyON relies on third parties to verify and certify its privacy regulations. If you object to transfer or using of your personal data in compliance to our privacy regulations please do not use our services.
Professionalism and reliability
AddyON is managed by a team of people working with maximum professionalism and reliability to grant its customers a honest and professional service, doing its best to satisfy all their needs.
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